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Renew your life with faith, hope and love in Christ! . . . Life is too short to feel stuck with no way out, Even worse, is letting it turn you into someone you don’t want to be. The good news is God knows how to turn things around, breathe new life and bring renewal into your being. With God, all things are possible! The world needs who God is creating you to become! Get the latest life-giving Word from CLC each week! It’s like getting a new spiritual weapon each week to help you overcome that discouraging enemy that seeks to breed fear, worry and self-doubt into your life. Renew your life with faith!—Greater faith enables you to swim past the barriers and do what people say can’t be done. Renew your life with hope!—Greater hope for the future provides power for the present. There is something positive to be found in almost every circUmstance of life. Hope enables us to find it. Renew your life with God’s Love!—God’s redemptive love is what gives people a second chance. Without it we’re nothing. With it, we become part of the solution and breakthrough our world needs right now. It’s easy to get started: (1) Subscribe to the latest life-giving Word from Columbia Life Church. (2) Listen to the Word. (3) Encourage someone else by sharing a message that was an encouragement to you. This one action could be a real game-changer in someone else’s life.